Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{blog love} What I'm loving Wednesday

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What I'm Loving Today:

I'm loving my super fresh & healthy meals so far today. 
Started off the day with Greek yogurt and sliced peaches and I just made this for lunch.
**Since everyone is so interested, this is a quinoa dish - SUPER good for you.
Recipe will be in Prep Talk this Sunday. :)

I'm loving graduate schools in Colorado. 
I'm in the process of making an excel sheet filled with graduate school information. I have been drawn to programs in Colorado. The scenery doesn't hurt either.

I'm loving that I will be reunited with my best friends from home this weekend for Laura's birthday!
Krista, Misha, Chelsea, Laura, Chelsea, & yours truly!

I'm loving Tazo Organic Chai Tea. 
I've had three iced chais in the past 24 hours.

I'm loving that my roommate and I had the ingredients to make these. They are in the freezer waiting to be dipped in chocolate currently. :) Get the recipe at 17 and Baking!

I'm loving that there are only 15 more days until I get to pick my boyfriend up from the airport. :)
Phi Mu Carnation Ball 2011

What are you loving today?


  1. I'm your newest follower Jen! :) Your blog is adorable! And your lunch looks SO good.. please tell us when you post the recipe!

  2. There's nothing better than getting to reunite with your boyfriend. Counting down the exciting days is the best :) getting closer each day!

  3. I understand being drawn to a place during your grad school search. I am currently searching/researching companies for possible jobs after graduation in May and I keep feeling drawn to Texas. I will have to try the Tazo Chai Tea after your recommendation.

  4. I LOVE the photos of you & your boyfriend -- I only did a 2 hour distance and HATED it, it's amazing that you guys are making it work from so far away!

  5. the views in colorado are just amazing! i traveled there last summer and took hundreds of photos. i don't know how anyone can tire of looking at the mountains, i know i cannot :)

  6. Let me know if you end up coming out here to check out grad schools!!! We could have a little blogger meet-up, or I could at least give you some tips on the best things to do out here. :) Xoxo, Sarah

  7. That healthy dish looks amazing!!! Is it couscous?

    And oh that Colorado scenery! Breathtaking!!

  8. you and your bf are so cute!!! =]

  9. OMG those pretzels look AMAZING!

  10. MMM. Your meals look DELICIOUS and healthy! And, chai is kind of amazing. You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

  11. Thanks for playing along!

    You and your boyfriend are TOO cute!

  12. Thanks Jamie!! I love all of your posts about you and your hubby - so sweet. :)


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