Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{blog love} tuesday ten: wishlist

Today's theme is 10 Items on Your Wishlist.

These can be material things, things you want to do, wishes, etc. 
There are no rules here! :)

Please don't judge me when this list shows just how much of an old lady I am. Ha.

1. A food processor.
If one of my roommates does not bring this into our kitchen when they move in, then you better believe this will be on my Christmas list. Do I need a $134 food processor? No. But this is my wishlist. No judgement here!
2. A tea kettle.
Okay, this technically shouldn't be on my wishlist since I just purchased one today! Buuut, I have been wanting one for a while so I'm including it. I have been drinking tea a lot lately because I'm not drinking coffee as much anymore. Coffee almost instantly makes my body feel out of whack. Tea always makes me feel better. Not a hard decision! This tea kettle normally retails for $80. I bought mine at Marshall's for $20. :)
3. A Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Tote
I want one of these oh so badly. But I just cannot justify spending $125 on a nylon tote. I know they hold up forever. I love the Longchamp travel bag I got for Christmas a few years ago.
Maybe once I start makin' my own cash again I can splurge!
4. To live in a house like this one day.
Oh please, oh please, oh please?!
5. A Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch.
Hello there, beautiful.
6. To take a cooking class in Italy.
Mom, I know you're reading this. Me + You + Dad. Let's do it.
7. To spend an entire trip simply wine tasting with my best friends.
A. Simms, I know you are reading this. Let's get planning!
9. To get into graduate school, do well, and make lots of money.
Just kidding, I'm going to be a school counselor. I still need to get into graduate school.
That whole make lots of money thing? Wellll.... I will be enriching lives instead. :) 
10. Complete my Senior Year BUCKET LIST!
That is not actually my hand nor my bucket list. Just felt like I needed a visual to round it all out. I'm all about symmetry. The Bucket List will be shared with y'all as soon as it is completed.

What is on your wishlist lately??

Link up and let us know!

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  1. That's the watch I got for my birthday! I ADORE it. Seriously, I've been SO happy with it. Love your list! I might do one this week!

  2. What exactly does a food processor do?

    "That whole make lots of money thing? Wellll.... I will be enriching lives instead. :)"

    Looking forward to your Bucket List!

  3. @Coral - A food processor chops up food. Hummus, salsa, time saver on chopping up veggies, etc. :)

  4. Totally want a food processor myself! I can only imagine the possibilites. Hooray for a school counselor! I love the enriching lives quote. I tell myself that too. After a Bachelor's and Master's degree, I've gone back to school to teach K-6. Enriching lives!

  5. That MK watch is on my wishlist too! And that house...so perfect!

  6. I am also lusting over a MK watch but I love my Anne Klein. I have an electric tea kettle since I am not acoffee drinker and I love it.
    I justified my Longchamp since I got the long size and use it for class.
    I can't wait to read your bucket list!

  7. I wanna hear what your senior year bucket list is!!

  8. Great list Jen!

    I love drinking tea for the same reason you do- it makes me feel better! Coffee has always made me my stomach feel weird, and I also get all shaky. Definitely not good, lol.

    I have a larger Longchampo bag, and I love using it for school days when I have a lighter book load or for shopping. It has so much space inside! Unfortunately, one of my binders did make a small hole in the bag (the corner of the binder must have been rubbing against the nylon), and I thought that was mega lame for how much they charge for a nylon bag!

    I also want to take a cooking class in Italy! When I was in Rome last summer, my friend and I actually signed up for a cooking class but ended up getting lost and missing the group!! We were so devastated!

  9. I just came across your blog - I will have to do a top 10 and link up. What a great idea!
    A similar watch is on my wishlist. :)

  10. I have that watch! I wear it almost every day.. it's great. I love everything on your list.. cooking classes in Italy? A wine tasting? Count me in, please! :)


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