Sunday, August 21, 2011

{life} recruitment 2012

It has been a crazy week. There have been lots of practicing, lots of laughs, and a few senior cry-fests (already!!) We are so proud of our newest pledge class. They are all so calm and excited for recruitment to begin. My rush group is absolutely adorable. I have complete faith in them to bring home some a-maaaz-ing women. I don't have toooo much time to write a full post on pre-recruitment week but here are some pictures :)

My pledge class on our bid-day!!! Three years ago exactly. How time fliiies (and how much we have changed!)
My fabulous rush group from last year! Not sure why I am the only one wearing yellow? lol
My pledge class the first day of recruitment last year.
My pledge class the second day of recruitment last year.
Finally, my pledge class a few days later on bid day.
So many people have graduated! It is going to be such a small picture this year.
I'm not going to lie... I was kind of dreading going into pre-recruitment and recruitment week this year. Maybe because I've done it twice already, who knows? My best friend and the rest of the recruitment team have done a fabulous job so far though. I am thoroughly excited to bring home the most beautiful, well-rounded women going through this year! There are 1500 women coming through my house tomorrow and the next day. BRING IT ON! 

Best of luck to any Panhellenic women reading my blog!


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