Sunday, September 4, 2011

{life} hi friends

I'm the worst blogger ever. SORRY! School started and the GRE is coming up and I just can't seem to catch a break. I'm missing the calm of summer right now buuuut I'm having SO MUCH FUN!

PS. Cousin Katie - I promise I will help you make your blog sooooon.
Maybe I can just come visit you in ATL and do it then :)

So pretty much all I have to offer right now is an update on my life. Recruitment brought us a beautiful and well-rounded pledge class of 63 new Phis. We thought we were going to have to take 80. We were very excited when we found out that to make quota we only needed 63. 80 would get a tad bit ridiculous. I have been running around like crazy on campus trying to tie up all of my loose ends before I have to do a graduation check. When did I get this old? Why am I a senior in college already?!

Now onto this weekend!

Thursday my roommates and I were feeling a wee bit sick. I think all of the not sleeping, being around a thousand girls in the same house for two weeks straight, and the not very healthy diets of recruitment caught up with all of us. I decided to make some chicken noodle soup and pumpkin chocolate chip bread Thursday night to make us feel better for the weekend!

Chicken Noodle Soup - recipe I adapted is here.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread - recipe here.
(Sorry about the quality of pictures. Blackberry cameras are horrible!)

Friday began with an 8 am class (boooo.) When I went home though I had a lovely surprise.

"Just Because" flowers from my wonderful boyfriend. :) They made my entire week!!!

My roommates and I went to happy hour on Friday. Whenever there is a home game for FSU, Tallahassee hosts a street pep-rally of sorts called Downtown Getdown. A lot of people wear garnet and gold, there is a ton of street food and beer being sold, and new this year is free concerts in the square. SO MUCH FUN! This weekend was a free Justin Moore concert - so legit. We went to DT Getdown after happy hour and then went home to rest for GAMEDAY!

We beat University of Lousiana-Monroe 34-0. Nothing like a good ole shutout to start the season.

Today I'm going to go to brunch with my big brother who is in town for the game with his girlfriend. Then it is off to study for the GRE for the rest of the day.

I hope that y'all are having a terrific start to your fall semester.

xo, Jen


  1. yay for fsu winning!! Glad to see new pics! and your bf is so darn sweet!

  2. I love your gameday outfit. Also, your boyfriend is so sweet giving you just because flowers!

  3. I'll say a prayer for you as you prepare for your GRE!! :] Your boyfriend is so sweet...those flowers are gorgeous.

  4. Aww I am loving those just because flowers! What a thoughtful boyfriend you have!

    And ahhh good luck with the GRE! That is such a relief when it's finally over. I'm sure you'll do amazing!! :) I did much better than any of my practice tests!

  5. i hope you had an amazing brunch. great post, love. Would love if you'd check out my tribute to Rachel Zoe in honor of tonight's premier. xoxo

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous and I know what you mean by something so small making your whole week better! I love your blog, I stumbled upon it this afternoon and had to follow. I am a sorority girl too and I have to agree... you will remember those days forever!! Embrace all the moments and I am going to be living vicariously through you :)
    -Sarah from

  7. pumpkin chocolate chip bread looks amazing, recipe coming soon? I can barely boil water but that looks like something worth attempting!

    xx Emily @

  8. omg pumpkin chocolate chip bread! I can not wait for the fall and cozy crisp days that make for a perfect baking day, yum, lol


  9. What beautiful flowers! And that pumpkin chocolate chip bread looks DELISH. I know exactly what you mean about recruitment.. it's exhausting and I don't feel too well myself!


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