Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{life} cupcakes & couscous

Made a little trip to The Cupcakery  (as seen on Cupcake Wars!) today after walking around Hobby Lobby with my old roomie, Morgan. She bought stuff for Summerfest (a recruitment event) while I rummaged the wreath area for ideas on how to recreate an FSU-themed wreath for football season. (Post about that beauty coming soon.)

I mean, when is it ever not a good idea to eat a red-velvet cupcake at 3 pm?

...especially when they look like this.
Our recruitment diets are in full swing, clearly.

I made up for my mid-afternoon cupcake by throwing together a delish couscous salad for dinner.

A cup of tri-colored couscous, a can of garbanzo beans, 1/2 container feta, handful of scallions, a few marinated roasted red peppers & marinated artichoke hearts, a hearty sprinkle of dried basil (my fresh basil JUST went bad, of course), a handful of sliced cherry tomatoes, and a few drizzles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar made one tasty meal.  (Totally normal ingredients for a college student to have just laying around the kitchen? Probably not. Welcome to my life.)
No picture. Ate the bowl of it too quickly due to my momentary sugar-high.

I have lots of leftovers for tomorrow so I don't have to worry about cooking while I should be studying. Speaking of that.... at the library now, "studying" for an exam. AKA drinking Starbucks and blogging.
Oh, senior year.


  1. Thank God I had not yet discovered blogging when I was in college...I would never have accomplished anything and probably failed out

  2. Oh, it is definitely dangerous Jacki. lol


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