Saturday, July 16, 2011

{school spirit} seminole saturday

Cute blog post title? I wanted to be clever. Whatevs. :) 

I am SO SO SO excited for football to start back. 48 days and counting. There is something about football season in the South... Nothing really quite compares. The entire town changes into a mean, football cheering machine. (I really need to stop with the corny jokes. ha) 


FSU just won the EA Sports College Traditions contest. The university sent out an e-mail to all of the students about it. We're serious about our traditions around here. :)

While my outfit choices for football games have changed greatly over the years.... love for FSU football has not. I have been known to lose my voice due to yelling so much in the stands.

I can't wait to officially begin my first Fall crafting project.

Original Source
I need to re-create this wreath to hang proudly on the front door of my townhouse.
I found a plain twig wreath at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 that will be the perfect base for it! I may buy big wooden FSU letters and glue them coming down the side. I will definitely post my progress once I actually get started.

Do you have any crafting ideas lined up?


  1. That wreath is adorable!! Please blog about your recreation of it!! And tell fsu to please beat up those gators!

  2. Jen! :) I am loving reading your blog! :) I even enjoyed this post with all its Garnet and Gold! haha :)!!! You better be heading to the SWAMP for the UF vs FSU game! :) :) :)!

  3. Just made my first door wreath! Can't wait to make my FSU football one!


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