Thursday, July 14, 2011

{design} bedroom deconstructed

I don't know about you, but I have become mildly addicted to searching interior design on Pinterest. I probably have about 300+ complete dream houses all made up from photos I have found on this wonderfully addicting website. Add this addiction to my already established obsessions with the blogging community and cooking and we have one recipe for wishful disaster. 

Yup, quite accurate.

At times I wish that I could just change my room up. I've had the same decorations in my bedroom for two years, going on three. How time flies in college. It is completely irrational to already want an interior design makeover after two years and one summer. I mean, my bedroom at home has been the same for 8 years? 10? However, I do still love my room. It is inviting and relaxing and I swear to you that sleeping on my bed is like sleeping on a cloud. A girl can dream for a bedroom like this - this - or this. Maybe throw in a kitchen that looks like this - this - or this for good measure too. Until then, I have my room. I went on a cleaning binge today and decided to take pictures of it. (Once again, the joys of procrastination.) 

Cloud bed. Better believe it!
Why three awkward doors you ask?
Welcome to my mega-closet. College townhouses do get some things right every now and then.
Disclaimer: Please don't judge me by the amount of t-shirts in the shelving unit. I have an addiction to sorority tees.
Disclaimer*: My closet is messy. Sorry about it.
When college townhouses get mega-closet right, they more than likely will not leave room for a dresser. Exhibit A: I have a cube instead. I love it  though. So many fun places to store and display things! Or, if you are like me, so many places to store crap I don't actually need!
My schoolwork / blogging station. I love my huge window. It lets in enough natural light during the day that I normally don't have to use electricity to turn on lamps.
My bedroom may be big but my bathroom is quite small.
Clearly the counter and storage space was designed by a man. 
Do you have a million future-home decorating ideas too? I'd love if you would share them!
Have a great day!


  1. pinterest is practically my favorite website!

  2. SO jealous of that window and all that closet space!! Hooray pinterest/interior design obsessions!

  3. please tell me where you got that shell pillow and those sheets!!!

  4. @Caroline - Either Marshalls or Home Goods two full years ago! :)


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