Sunday, July 31, 2011

{life} toasting to change

It is that time of year again. 

The most horrible time of the year.

Moving season.

People are leaving Tallahassee for good, or moving to a new place.

Luuuckily, I somehow convinced two of my friends to move in with me! I don't have to move! WOOHOO!

I moved into my dorm the summer before my freshman year of college. Moved out of my dorm six weeks later. Moved into a different dorm one week later, before recruitment started. Moved out of my dorm at the end of that year back to Tampa. Moved into my first apartment during recruitment week. Moved out of that place last summer and into my townhouse. WHEW. Lots and lots of moving. 

I'm a pro now, lemme tell you.

With moving season comes new roommates moving in and old ones leaving. 

I already miss my roomie Lauren so much. She moved out right after her graduation in order to start a fabulous internship in North Carolina with The Biltmore.

But with her leaving meant I got to live with Jess again! She subleased from Lauren last year too so we were already friends. Picture is from Jess & Lauren's 21st!

Jess isn't the only roomie I gained from Lauren moving out.

Meet Charles. 

This is when he was a little nugget.

Now he is HUGE (in puggle-speak at least.) 12 lbs of fury. But he still likes to snuggle with his momma.

I love him. I'm so glad Jess is only moving a few townhouses away. :)

The next chapter of my roommate-life is living with these two wonderful girls.

We are already planning out dinner parties and themed nights, as well as weekly "family dinners."

Um, perfection? 

Are y'all having to deal with hassle of moving right now??
If so, I wish you luck. :)

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