Saturday, August 11, 2012

{travel} california in pictures

For the family and the sights:

Downtown LA historic tour.

{this building was in the last scene of 500 Days of Summer!}

Poa Poa with four of her five kids.

Three generations after a traditional Dim Sum meal.

Before dinner at Mama Lu's Dumpling House.

And now for the FOOD!

Our spread at Haven Gastropub in Old Town Pasadena. I highly recommend this place!

A bahn mi sandwich from the Nom Nom food truck at Food Truck Wednesday!
It was good, but my cousin's Nom Nom tacos looked better!

Avocado fries with a cilanto-lime aioli that I made with my cousin. Recipe coming soon!

An Asian-American cookout. Long beans, chinese greens, gai lan, grilled peppers, zuchinni,
and eggplant, corn on the cob, and grilled flank steak and chicken. SO GOOD!

I had a great time!
Now it is time to job hunt in my hometown. Eek!

xo, Jen


  1. Oh my goodness! I love Cali! My aunt, uncle, and cousins live in Pasadena and my uncle works right in Old Pasadena!! I LOVE your outfit in the first picture!!! :) Good luck on the job hunt!

  2. Such a great blog!

    Where is your teal necklace from in the picture of three generations after dim sum meal? The whole outfit looks great on you!

    Good Luck on the job hunt!

    1. Thank you Tracy! I actually borrowed that necklace from a friend a long time ago, but here is one that is pretty similar from Etsy: :)

  3. Absolutely LOVE your outfit in the first picture :)

    1. Thanks :) My top is from Target & the skirt is from Ann Taylor Loft.


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