Friday, August 31, 2012

{school spirit} HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the FSU Seminoles' football season. While we will be playing a warm-up game against a small school, it is always exciting to watch that very first game of the season.

I'm so sad that I won't be able to go to Downtown Getdown and happy hour every Friday night and see a free concert & a million people in garnet & gold. I won't get to tailgate hop with my best friends, or steal lunch/dinner in the form of a burger or hotdog from the fraternities. I won't be able to sit in the student section and watch the players run out for the very first time, or much at all this entire semester. I won't be able to feel the energy in the stadium just before Chief Osceola throws the burning spear into the center of field. I won't be able to do the warchant or chop in the stands. I won't be able to see the fireworks or sing with the entire stadium after a win as we walk back out into the Tallahassee night. 

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But you know what? I'll be there in spirit. :) I just loooove FSU football - can you tell yet? Can't wait to find the FSU bar in Tampa. Anybody know where that happens to beeee?

And now it's time to relive some senior year football memories.

First game of the season last year. It was hot, hot hot!

boots on boots on boots at a Kappa Sigma tailgate!

heyyyy outfit exchange. roomies gotta share the garnet & gold goods.

Brenna being sassy at a Pi Kappa Phi tailgate.

Post above game with some lovely sisters.

Parents weekend with momma!

Dad is wearing an FSU shirt. This is big news. He went to UF. :)

Tailgating in Gainesville at the FSU v UF game... that we won... 21 to 7. :) :) :)

What is your favorite football memory? 

I have three: Beating UF at FSU junior year. Being at the Oklahoma vs. FSU game senior year. Aaand beating UF at UF senior year. Ah. All so great.

Here's to your teams winning tomorrow and for the rest of the season! 
....unless you play the Seminoles. ;)

xo, Jen


  1. This got me so excited for football season!! Even if it's the wrong school, haha ;) I'm going back for homecoming and am so excited!

  2. haha I think that last balcony in the UF pic is ONE over from my little brothers room! :) but who knows all those balconies look the same! :) and I can't post without throwing out a GO GATORS (even if there is a VERY good chance y'all will beat us again this much as it kills me to say)


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