Sunday, March 3, 2013

{travel} cámara agraria día de mercado

Hi everyone! I won't bore you with another catch up post - but I'm so excited to share the fantastic time I had at the día de mercado in Casa de Campo.

Yesterday morning we took a 15 minute metro ride west from my main metro stop right in the center of everything Madrid. We step off of the train and were in awe. We were let out into a little sanctuary of "wilderness" and peace & quiet. Tons of people were running, cycling, walking their dogs and their babies in strollers. It was such a nice change of pace from city life for a day!

You can see some of the buildings in Madrid in the background.

It was a perfect day for a farmer's market!

This little city in the Comunidad de Madrid (Greater Madrid area) hosts a farmer's market the first Saturday of every month. It was great fun with lots of food and wine samples and fresh, organic produce.

 I can guarantee that I will be back every month.

...especially when said farmer's market has the best deal on earth. Donate one euro and receive a wine glass at the front gate of the market. You then get to taste the wine from local Madrid wineries fo FREE! Beautiful.

Of course this is Spain, and the wine was terrific, so we couldn't leave empty-handed! 
3 botellas de vino for 12 euros. Done and done.

People were lined up waiting to collect their organic produce, dairy products, meat, and cheese.

This queso de cabra (goat cheese) table was obviously popular. Yummmmy.

So many people!

The town I work in had a wine stall. Who knew that Arganda del Rey would have a winery!?

Armed with lots of wine in our bellies, but not too much food, we decided to head back into the center to grab some food at a restaurant near my flat. I have officially found my favorite restaurant in Madrid.

We shared a bunch of dishes between the 6 of us. Everything was fabulous.

After lunch, Breanne, Helena, & I walked around to a few vintage shops in my barrio, Malasana.

We had a bit too much fun with this awesome graffiti wall... :)

I'm off to another city in the Comunidad de Madrid today called Alcalá de Henares.

Can't wait to tell you all about it later!

xo, Jen

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  1. I am literally so jealous of your travels!!! Wine tasting - YUM. The food looks amazing. And I'm also in love with your dress! :)


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