Monday, March 18, 2013

{fashion} spring style

I don't know about you, but I am SO READY for warmer weather. Seeing all of these fashion bloggers posting their adorable pastels, neons, florals, wedges, and sandals has me itching for a day without tights, boots, and a coat. I actually get excited when tells me that it is going to be in the 50s and sunny in Madrid. Who am I these days?

It also doesn't help that everyone from home is already wearing a bikini at the beach... come onnnnnnnnn Spain!

Here are some of my favorite Spring trends from around the blogosphere.

I adore this striped skirt and her pointy flats. I love that she kept it casual with a white tee.

Chambray + maxi floral. No other words needed.

I will be living in maxi skirts this summer.

I just bought a lace open back shirt similar to this one from H&M. Now I need to work on neon skinnies.

Denim on denim with a white blazer.

Comfy & casual with a pop of color.

What are some of your favorite spring fashion trends?

xo, Jen


  1. Love all of the bright colors! I also really like the white tee paired with the striped skirt. It makes it so laid back!

  2. Love the spring inspiration! I'm obsessed with neon skinnies. I just bought hot pink ones and I'm in love! xx - Dan

  3. I am SO ready for warm weather!!! Ahhh this makes me wanna go buy a new wardrobe :)


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