Monday, October 3, 2011

{life} random monday musings

Oh, Monday.

Thankfully it is absolutely beautiful outside or else I would not be a happy camper today.
By 10 am, I had already turned in two assignments and taken one exam.

The only things left on my to do list for this week include:

*Ecological Contexts Exam
* Human Behavior Exam
*Spanish Homework x2
* Turn in EC paper proposal
*Apply for a graduation check (wah)

Needless to say, this week is not going to be the best week ever....

I think I need some Luke Bryan in my life.
I cranked this song up and drove with my windows down on my way home from campus this morning. 
Total mood booster.

"Love in a College Town" - Luke Bryan

We won't ever look as good as we do now, so lets take another shot, drink another round. Hug on one another, talk about each other, stay until they kick us out. Nothin' like love in a college town.

On another note, today would be a lot more fun if someone didn't live 1000+ miles away from me.
It is my 6 months with my wonderful boyfriend. I can't wait to see him in November. :)

Don't judge my leggings and Uggs. I was running out of warm clothes to wear in NY in December.

ALSO - I went on two waltzes this weekend for two of my best friends at school.

Amanda had an Oktoberfest waltz. :)
You can't really see our shirts in this picture but they were really funny. She had them custom-made.

My roommate from freshman and sophomore year, Morgan.
Her theme was Mismatched & Get Smashed!
Like my cat vest?! Goodwill; such a gem.

I have been cooking up a storm lately but I don't have time to post a recipe right now.
Look forward to butternut squash and apple soup, pumpkin banana bread, and butternut squash and chicken sausage risotto. Um. Obsessed with fall. Y'all already know this though.

I hope that you have a wonderful Monday!

xo, Jen

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  1. I listened to that song over and over this weekend when I went to Blacksburg!! It was a perfect song for my weekend!


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