Monday, October 24, 2011

{life} tailgates, football, and pumpkins - oh my!

Four of my girlfriends came into town this weekend! I haven't seen two of them in over a year so it was a wonderful time catching up. The best part is that we all completely picked up where we left off... and chatted about our future reunions. We decided that we will be going to the tropics... and to wine country... and to the mountains.  Um. We better all get rich soon!

At happy hour with my grand-little and great-grand-little!

It was a home game weekend against Maryland. 
Some of us didn't had football tickets so we just tailgated and skipped the game.

Looove Deirdre!

Roomies tailgating!

Luckily, two of my friends didn't have to leave Tallahassee until today so yesterday we had all day to get brunch, go to a pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, and drink cider. :)

This pumpkin was so crazy looking!
Woody and Jessie!

We did our initials :)

It was so nice seeing all of our friends this weekend.

I hope that y'all have a great week!


  1. Looks like the best weekend! I love pumpkin carving... did some of that this weekend, too :)

    ps. you guys beat us pretty badly this weekend! Too bad you weren't at the game :(

  2. What a fun weekend! I love tailgating and of course the pumpkin patch!

  3. Aww this looks like such an amazing weekend! I SO want to go to a pumpkin patch. I kinda want to kidnap a cute baby and/or toddler to come along with me...Not creepy at all.

  4. I can't wait for college! Tailgating looks so fun!

  5. I love your pumpkin! I want to carve one, but I'm kind of sort of running out of time! Same with going to a pumpkin patch. Hope you had a great Monday!

  6. Your pumpkin patch pictures are adorable! I skipped out on the game this weekend too. I don't really take the time to comment as often as I should, but I LOVE your blog Jen! You have such a great balance of recipes, pictures, pinterest, real life stuff, etc. Please don't be super creeped out if I randomly run into you on campus and say hey!

  7. Looks like a fun weekend! I love fall weekends and tailgating! :) Cute pics!

  8. This is perfect for our Tailgating!!


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