Friday, June 21, 2013

{travel} favorite rooftop terraces in madrid

The weather in Madrid is wacky. One day it is 95 degrees, and the next 72. No matter what temperature it is, the best thing to do during the summer is to find solace on one of the city's gorgeous rooftop terraces. My friends and I have tried out a few. These are our favorites!

1. El ViajeroPlaza Cebada, 11 (La Latina)

El Viajero is situated right in the heart of La Latina. The rooftop is decorated beautifully, and the drinks are cheaper than what you'll find on top of one of the fancy hotels. This rooftop is extremely popular with 20 and 30 somethings. There is typically a wait on the weekends, but it goes quickly! Tip: Buy a drink downstairs and bring it up. It will save you a euro. Before or after you visit this fun rooftop, make sure to check out Taberna Almeria - my favorite tapas restaurant in Madrid. My friends and I are especially obsessed with their tostas. Order the queso de cabra con cebolla confitada. All of my friends who "don't like goat cheese" have been converted by this tostada at Taberna Almeria. Yum.

2. Atico de las Letras at Hotel de las LetrasGran Via, 11 (Gran Via)

This rooftop is probably our favorite.While the drinks are a little pricey, and the view is partially blocked by the walls, the atmosphere is fantastic. This rooftop is on top of a gorgeous hotel on the most famous street in Madrid, Gran Via. The terrace is covered with plants and beautiful flowers, and you can relax on white couches, or sit at a table and order a meal. I've never ordered food here before, but I always love the huge dish of olives you get with a drink. A glass or bottle of wine here is about a euro or two more expensive than most other places, but totally worth it for the atmosphere! Oh, and the gin and tonics are delicious. Just do it.

3. La Terraza de Oscar at Room Mate Oscar: Plaza Vazquez de Mella, 12 (Chueca/Gran Via)

This terrace feels very Miami Beach to me. There is a pool off to one of the sides of the rooftop, which definitely limits seating. However, the best part about this one is the view. We just stood to the side of the terrace and took in the gorgeous sunset. Expect to pay a lot more for drinks here. Cocktails are about 13 euros, and wine about 4-5 euros a glass.

Let me know if you are ever in Madrid and try out one of these terraces!

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xx, Jen

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  1. i HOPE i can make a trip to madrid sometime in the near future and use all of your tips. you look so in your element!


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