Monday, June 24, 2013

{life} the red, white, and blue

One of the highlights of my job working as an assistant English teacher in Spanish secondary schools is being able to share the American culture with my students. Although the Spanish know a TON about America, they are still always intrigued to learn more than what they can gather from the news,  and popular movies, songs, and television shows that spread across Europe.

I've taught my students about the education system in the United States (sooooo different from the Spanish system!!), about American Football (and all of its differences from soccer), about a few of my favorite National Parks, and many more aspects of my culture.

My favorite lesson I did with my students was about summer in America. Our holidays. Our activities. Our customs. Our obsession with red, white, and blue. During my slides on Memorial Day and the 4th of July, I highlighted the love for the colors of our flag. My students were all laughing when I told them that we even like to theme our cook-out food to match the flag.

The funny thing about Spain is that they LOVE to wear the American flag & the British flag, but you will rarely see them wearing their own. One of my host teachers told me, that in her opinion, it is because red, white, & blue is just a pretty combination, and red & yellow is not. Fair enough Verónica, fair enough!

Sadly, I'll be working at a sleep away summer camp in Alicante during the 4th of July this year. I can't wait to recreate the holiday with my family when I get home. Here's to dreaming of my favorite patriotic holiday!

The perfect recipe for a great 4th of July:

A festive 4th of July wreath to hang on your front door!

The perfect 4th of July dress.

A good playlist.

An easy and healthy flag dish!

The perfect 4th of July menu: BBQ meat, corn on the cob, baked beans, & potato salad. Yum!

This American flag pie is sure to impress your guests.

Oh, and lots and lots of American beer. Duh.

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  1. I don't think it's like Spanish people don't like their own flag, they probably do, but unless you want to wear a sports jersey, it's hard to find clothes with *insert any country here* pattern. The British and US flag is quite often used for clothes, but the other flags are not.

    Anyway, I love how proud of their nation you Americans are! It's insane, something completely different than my country.

    Plus, I LOVED when our native teachers at school would tell us about their home habits, experiences and so on. You don't get to know a country by only sightseeing, you definitely need to get to know the culture too!

    1. Oh yes, absolutely! A lot of the popular brands here like Mango, H&M, and Bershka have a ton of American & British flag patterned shirts and accessories. I know the Spanish love their flag - they are very proud of their culture (and rightfully so)! :)

  2. Ah, I love that you are spreading the love of Red, White, and Blue! Certainly one of my favorite combinations!!


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