Sunday, June 23, 2013

{life} good ol american food

Guess what?? I'm going home for a little over a month on July 25th. I am SOOOO EXCITED. I am already starting to plan what I want to do while I'm home. A trip to my college town, Tallahassee, is already in the works. As is a dinner with my wonderful extended family. I also happen to have a 3 1/2 hour layover in Charlotte, where my best friend lives, so she is going to come scoop me from the airport and take me to her apartment to meet her new kitten! All of these plans have me counting down the days until I step on the plane back to the States. Family, friends, college town... all ingredients for a perfect trip home.

Do you know what I'm like......... REALLY excited for though?

Stepping inside this beautiful company for the first time since December. I'm pretty sure that I will be crying happy tears when it happens. All my southern friends know just how great this grocery store is. I seriously miss it every single time I buy food in Madrid. 

While Spain definitely has better prices on fresh fruits and veggies, none of the grocery stores here have anything on Publix. Here are a few things that I've been missing since moving to Spain.

Greek yogurt: The greek yogurt in Spain is basically just plain yogurt.... full-fat, watery plain yogurt at that. I'm not sure how the yogurt manages to have 16 grams of fat per serving and can be watery at the same time. I can't wait for my creamy, low-fat Chobani!

The cracker aisle: I actually might fall down in front of these crackers and just admire them for a little while. Okay... that might be a little extreme, but I seriously miss proper crackers so much! The Spanish don't really have anything equivalent to Triscuits or Wheat Thins. I don't like to eat chips all of the time because they typically make my stomach hurt, and can only eat so many dried bread crisps. I can't wait for the perfect partner to sliced cheese and dipper for hummus to get back in my life!

Health food: If you take a look at my recipes round-up page, you will know that I like to cook with pretty healthy ingredients. I love to try new things with quinoa, chia seeds, flax seed, whole wheat, etc. It isn't impossible to find these ingredients in Madrid, but you certainly pay a premium! A tiny bag of quinoa can cost around 5-6 euros. It just isn't very practical to buy these kinds of ingredients on an English teacher's budget.

Claussen pickle spears: My refrigerator in college used to be stocked with these pickles. My roommates and I always went through intense cravings for them. They are so crunchy and garlicky and delicious. The only pickles I have found in Madrid so far are the tiny ones that come in olive jars. :(

Jalapenos (and spicy food in general): I would actually do anything to spice up my life here. My roommate and I go through copious amounts of hot sauce and sriracha, but it isn't quite the same as cooking a fresh pepper with your food. I can't wait for some spicy Mexican food when I get home!

Aidells Chicken Sausage: I don't eat very much meat in Spain (yes - I live in the jamon capital of the world and don't eat very much meat), but I still get cravings for these chicken sausages. They have a bunch of different flavors and are super easy to prepare for a quick meal. They are delicious grilled, but also really good mixed in with grits for breakfast.

Oats: There is nothing easier than making a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. While there is oatmeal in Madrid (avena), when cooked it pretty much just turns to goop. I miss the chewy yummy goodness that is rolled oats. Yum. 

Other food I am also excited for: blueberries, avocados, Chick-fil-a, American barbecue, a full spice rack, normal sized granola bars, cheap cereal, chili, cheesecake, grits, Mexican food, Cuban food, SUSHI, fresh grouper sandwiches, pretzels, Sabra hummus, smoked fish dip, and many, many more. 

32 days my friends, 32. 

PS. I've created a Facebook page for this blog. I'd love you if you would like it. :)

xx, Jen


  1. This post made me INCREDIBLY hungry!! haha. I am definitely going to have to go get dinner now! I'm so happy that you're getting to come home soon and enjoy these foods. Publix is right next to my house and I don't know what I'd do without it!!

  2. I love Publix!! They have great health foods, and great gluten-free and dairy-free products, which I really appreciate since I can't eat either.


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