Thursday, June 6, 2013

{life} so beautiful, like a mannequin

Hola chicas!

I'm getting very excited because my very first visitor from America arrives tomorrow! Weeeeeee! Can't wait to have yet another excuse to try some new restaurants and bars on my ever-growing list of eats and drinks in Madrid. In fact, I was able to go to one last night!

I went to dinner with my roommate and her parents at a restaurant called Taberna Gastromaquia in the barrio Chueca. I discovered this restaurant due to glowing TripAdvisor reviews. It looks incredibly unassuming from the outside, with a chalkboard hanging by the door showcasing typical Spanish food like pulpo gallega and croquetas. Needless to say, I was a little bit skeptical and wondering if I was in the right place! We thankfully decided to try it out anyways.

If we hadn't we wouldn't have gotten our delicious guacamole with banana chips starter.

Or two absolutely delicious salads - queso de cabra a la plancha con miel and salmon ahumado:

I can't wait to go back! We also ordered a potato dish, asparagus dish, and pork skewers. For dessert we ordered the almond cake. The incredibly friendly waiter/owner brought us the mojito sorbet to try - topped off with a generous pour of Bacardi rum. Everything was absolutely delicious!

In other news, I chopped a lottttt of hair off.

I love it so much! If you live in Madrid, I recommend going to the stylist I went to. 

The school year is quickly wrapping up for my students. AKA, my job is wrapping up quickly. Eeeek! Need to find some summer work. 

How will I survive the summer without these conversations with my primero students?
S: "Profe, you look very beautiful today." 
Me: Thank you Roxana! That is very sweet.
S: Like a mannequin!


Gotta love the children of Spain!

xx, Jen

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