Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{life} tuesday things & jalapeno popper chicken

First & foremost, let us take a moment to think of all of the beautiful, innocent souls who were taken from us 11 years ago today. We will never forget. My sorority sister, Anna, posted this on her FB page. I shared it there and wanted to share it here. It is beautiful! Check out her blog. :)

I spent this weekend in Chicago with my wonderful boyfriend. It was a very last minute and spontaneous trip. I am also about to commit the biggest blogger faux pas ever.... re-wearing an outfit that I last posted about! Oops. Don't worry. I did laundry. I just am OBSESSED WITH THIS TOP. Okay. Now that we have that out of the way. :)

Out for drinks one night with Seth's roommate & his girlfriend.

A pretty scenic little spot on the way home from the Lincoln Park Zoo.

BTW. I cooked dinner for Seth Sunday night. I must tell you about it NOW although I didn't get any pictures of the dish with my own camera.


It. is. so. good.

Get my point yet?

Check out the recipe here on Apple A Day's blog & make it IMMEDIATELY!

In other news, I really want these sweaters.

Too bad it is still 92+ degrees in Tampa every day. I had to leave perfect 55-73* weather in Chicago today and it killed me. Let's hold a cryfest now.

In even more exciting news, I had a 3 hour layover in Charlotte today & got to step out of the terminal to meet up with my best friend / sorority sister / college roomie for a bit. It was absolutely wonderful. I missed you Amanda!

Oh, and my friends who just started pharmacy & optometry school finally got the beginning of the school year packages I sent them. Here's a picture that Kels uploaded to FB. A full post is coming soon on it. :)

Spotted: pens, sticky notes, cookies, gold fish, and homemade granola. I'm so glad my packages made it to their final destinations in one piece.

One last thing. A Kohl's representative contacted me via email on Friday asking me if I would so kindly link my OOTD listing of my Kohl's purse to their handbag page. I typically only link up my outfit pieces if I can still find them on the website. I bought that purse in February sooo I didn't. But. They sent me an exclusive 10% off code that my readers can use until Oct. 24th - UBLOGTEN. An additional 10% off of Kohl's already great savings is quite a good deal. So, there you have it! Shop away!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend / start to your week! 

xo, Jen


  1. I saw Kelsey's post of facebook and meant to tell you that I thought that was the sweetest thing! I might have to steal the idea for some of my friends that are already overwhelmed in graduate/ professional school! You are such a good friend!

  2. Can't believe you were in Charlotte for a little bit! How did you like the city? I love it here :) Looks like you had a fun trip to see your boyfriend and I am seriously making that chicken this week!


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