Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{life} organize with may books planners

It's here! It's here! I'm so excited. My May Books agenda is finally here!

Although I am no longer a student, my obsession with planners and school/office supplies is still going strong.

I have been drooling over these beautiful little agendas for a while because I am an obsessive list maker and date jotter-downer. May Books has a few different notebook options - lined paper, blank paper, graph, dot grid, pregnancy planner, wedding planner, meal planner, non-dated weekly agenda, monthly calendar, and an academic planner. I decided on the academic planner. I have an awful short-term memory, so having an efficient planner with a monthly view and space to write daily notes is absolutely necessary, despite the fact that I am no longer a student. I have to see my week laid out before me before I can make plans for anything else. It helps if the agenda that my week is laid out in is adorable to boot. 

Let's take a peek inside shall we?

I love that the cover is patterned on the inside of the notebook as well. Hello beautiful light pink chevron!

Here is the monthly view I was talking about. They are all in the very front of the book, making it easy to look at your schedule at a glance for an entire year (August 2012-August 2013).

The rest of the book is filled with the week to week calendars. The space given is absolutely enough for me to write my work schedule (it changes weekly) and to jot down a few appointments, birthdays, and other miscellaneous reminders. I'm not sure if I would have had enough room to write down all of my exams, assignments, readings, quizzes, and meetings I needed to write about in college, but I am very detail oriented about that kind of stuff.

The best part about May Book notebooks and planners is how customizable they are. It was so hard for me to choose a final pattern, font, and color palate. The website has an interactive program that allows you to see the color, font, and monogram on top of the pattern you chose. I also love how light my planner is. I used to have a Lilly planner (which I love too), but it was just much too bulky and heavy at the times that I had to carry around a million binders and textbooks all day.

I ended up choosing the "Delta Gamma Chevron" pattern with the fancy script in light grey with an octagon background. I am in love!

Do you have a May Books planner? What is your design?

xo, Jen


  1. I loveee my May Book planner! Mine came a few weeks ago and I was instantly obsessed. I love the colors you picked out!

  2. I have been without a planner for 9 months and have hated it. My Lilly one ran out last december when I graduated and I didnt think I would need one. WRONG! I am waiting until January to get the yearly one, trying to grow up, and it is painful!!!! I was thinking of getting a Kate Spade, or leather one, to look a bit more grown up. I had the lilly and thought it was perfect, i tend to throw things in my bag and transfer it all the time, I would be scared the maybook would get ruined, any thoughts?

    1. haha yes I know exactly what you mean! I felt so lost for the 2 months I was without one. I haven't put my May Books planner to the dirty pen and pencil stained school bag test yet, but I would assume that if you got one in a darker print it should be perfectly fine! The quality is great. The pages are sewn in like a composition book (remember those from old school middle school years?!) and the cover is very sturdy.

  3. The May Books planners are so cute! I got my Lilly planner for free and use it, but don't have a need for a second one--if I did, it would be this!

  4. I am totally and unapologetically also obsessed with planners and office supplies! :) Cuuute planner!!! Absolutely love it!

  5. Those are so cute! I've heard so many good things about May Books, I'll have to try them! I'm a total office supply/stationary/papercrafting nut!


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