Saturday, January 21, 2012

{fashion} friday's OOTD!

I feel so cheesy taking mirror pictures for my OOTDs! Maybe someday I will have a cool little camera tripod. But, until then, these types of pictures will just have to happen. 

Button-down: Ralph Lauren - found at Marshalls
Cardigan: Mossimo by Target - gift from Momma :)
Jeans: Skinnies from Forever 21 - $9.80
Boots: Ciao Bella - DSW online
Belt: Random find at Walmart
Watch: Anne Klein - gift from my parents
Bracelet: gift from relatives

Worn to: class & work yesterday.

Have a great weekend loves!


  1. Cute outfit! Forever 21 jeans under $10 are seriously the best :)

  2. Cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. You should get one of these mini-tripods

    I have one and I love it! I carry it in my purse everywhere :)

  4. You look adorable! I want that cardigan!!

  5. you look gorgeous!!
    I tagged you in a post on my blog today =]

  6. You are adorable! :) Love everything about this outfit!

  7. Such a pretty outfit! I love that cardigan over your top! Adorable.

  8. Such a cute outfit! Lucky you, living in FL you probably get to wear "fall" like clothes this time of year while the rest of us are bundled up.


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