Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{diy} 20 minute photo canvas

This year for Christmas, I made each of my parents a little photo canvas to put up in our family room.

I found the tutorial for this project on Pinterest (of course).
Can you believe that the only materials you need are tissue paper, mod podge,a paintbrush, and a canvas?!

I didn't take any pictures of the process (I wasn't so sure it was going to turn out!) so I will leave you with the link of the original blog. Click here to redirect to Little Bit Funky's tutorial.

Here are a few tips I found helpful from the comment section of the tutorial:
One thing I would definitely recommend doing is taping the ironed tissue paper to computer paper on two of the edges at least. It helps the tissue paper go through the printer and also prevents the ink from leaking through too much. ALSO. Make sure you switch your printer setting to "Special Paper - Iron On." I have a free with purchase printer which isn't exactly the fanciest, so this helped to prevent rips and tears in the tissue paper! 

Please let me know if you decide to make one. Once you start you just can't stop!
I am itching to make one with a picture of my boyfriend and me to hang up in my room in my apartment. 
And one with my roomies to put in our living room.
This would also be a great big/little gift (calling all sorority women!) :)

Thanks to Little Bit Funky for the awesome tutorial!


  1. Aww! What a thoughtful gift. Your canvases turned out great!! I cannot believe how little supplies are involved.

  2. Definitely trying this for some upcoming birthdays! It looks SO easy!!

  3. Ahh this is awesome! So doing this for everyone in my "sorority family"'s birthdays!

  4. AH! So cool! Thanks for sharing! I believe this is something I need to try! Have a great weekend lady :)


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