Monday, May 17, 2010

{travel} dreaming of california

Up at the top of my "Favorite Things To Do" list is traveling; along with cooking, trying new types of food, shopping, and watching Glee! Thankfully for me, my destination Wednesday will include ALL of the above! I am traveling to California with my mom this week. It all started with finding a post on Perez Hilton's blog about the Glee cast performing live in three cities in the United States over the summer. One show in New York City, one in Chicago and one in Los Angeles.  My mom and I are Glee fanatics. I called her and jokingly told her we should go see a show. To my great surprise she not only agreed, but started making plans immediately to go see it in L.A!!

As my cousin put it, "Why would you travel the furthest to go see the show when both Chicago and NYC are so close?" I get to see my family in L.A. this way (and go to Chinatown and eat Dim Sum and be able to lay on the beach and stare at mountains and ... should I go on?) Most of my mom's family lives in California and we rarely get to see them, so this trip is a real treat. I hate how Americanized the Chinese culture is in Florida. Buffets are usually heaping mounds of deep fried and heavily sauced meat, noodles and rice. There is nothing even CLOSE to a Chinatown and a very small percentage of Chinese people have settled here. California is a completely different scene. My grandmother is fluent in Cantonese and immigrated to the United States from China when she was 16 years old to marry my grandfather. This being said, I get the real deal when we go visit her in L.A. :) I can't wait to update my blog with pictures I take in California of the food, the scenery and the Glee concert-thing (of course!) when I get back. Until then, here are some pictures I keep looking at. They are making me even more excited to go!

I went to a beach similar to this when I was in California last. 

I can't wait to go to Chinatown!

Their live show is going to be AMAZING!

xox, Jen

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