Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{travel} st. george island


 Now that school is over, it seemed only appropriate to head over to the beach for a little bit of R&R. I went to St. George Island and discovered absolute paradise. It is a small island off of the coast of the panhandle of Florida.

It is one of Florida's State Parks and it is definitely kept up very well. The best part is that it is a dog beach as well, so there were puppies with their owners everywhere! I didn't catch any pictures of the puppies, but seeing all of them playing in the sand and water made me want to go to the pound when I got home and rescue one! There is a gorgeous lighthouse at the entrance of the park. It was $5.00 to climb up to the top. Seeing as I am a poor college student, we did not decide to go up, but we took a bunch of pictures of it.

The island is only an hour and a half away from Tallahassee, and for 23 miles you are driving right along the seawall, so all you see is water. It was 80 degrees and breezy without a cloud in the sky at the beach, much better than the somewhat hazy sky that has been hanging over Tallahassee for the past two weeks! Also, it is free to enter the park and free to park for the day, much better than my hometown beach, Clearwater Beach, where you are lucky to find $10.00 parking! Here are some pictures from the trip, I hope you enjoy them! 

xx, Jen

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