Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{life} getting personal

Hi lovely readers!

As I am in the process of giving my blog a makeover and *attempting* to blog more frequently, I figured I would start fresh and write a little about me post. No matter that this little blog has been around since 2010. It used to be filled to the brim with recipes, but has transformed over the years into more of a travel and lifestyle blog. However, I haven't been the best at opening up and getting to know y'all lately, or letting you get to know me. So without further ado, here are 20 fun facts about me! :)

I won the "Least Likely to Leave Florida" award during the senior superlative ceremony in high school. Ha! Look at me now! ;)

I have a very short attention span. Probably the reason for the millions of drafted blog posts just sitting in their sad draft state that probably won't ever be published. womp womp womp

I have never seen snow fall before. I've seen snow on the ground, and I've seen it flurry (once), but I have never seen a proper snowfall. ***you know you're from Florida when...

I decided to move to a foreign country to teach English on the day of my college graduation. Wasn't ready for all that real life nonsense.

I went on a double date with my boyfriend for the first time back when we were 16 & 17 respectively. It was completely setup by two of our mutual friends who were dating at the time. We were so awkward that the date flopped and we didn't speak again until we ran into each other at a bar during summer 2013. And then we started dating internationally. oops.

I always considered myself a huge English grammar nerd until I started teaching English as a foreign language. And then I realized that I don't actually know anything useful about grammar; only how to inherently use it. I have to study up on explanations before class sometimes! lolzzz

But I am very good at spelling. And when other people misspell things it drives me craaazy. Sorry y'all!

I am slightly terrified of horses, even though I think that they are absolutely beautiful. I had a bad experience with one when I was 7 and never want to ride one again.

I am also terrified of roller coasters, although I will gladly go ziplining through the forest, rock climbing, and white water rafting. Call me inconsistent.

Although I am typically quite mild mannered, I get very intense about Florida State University football. I'm sure you've realized this if you follow my twitter. ;)

I love to send an receive cards and letters, snail mail style. Bonus: it takes 7-10 days to mail a letter from Spain to Florida. How the heck long do you think it used to take people to communicate back in the 1700s and 1800s? I don't think I actually want to know...

I am not a fan of reality television. I'll watch it with friends but I won't sit down and watch it on my own. I'd much rather watch a comedy or drama... or SYTYCD.

I have been getting very interested in photography lately. I'm totally a novice, but I would love to pursue it as a real hobby.

I sometimes make lists filled partially with things I've already completed, simply so that I can cross it off of my list. Type A much?

I hated olives before I moved to Spain. Now I eat them almost every day. #olivelife

I am terrrrible at trivia. I once played a game of "guess the song or artist" with a friend at a bar and completely embarrassed myself. I think it is also worthy to note that I have a terrible memory.

I'm a complete girly girl, and will gladly wear a dress, lipstick, and pretty shoes every day, but I am also very low-key. I get my nails done maybe once or twice a year, have never colored my hair, and have never gotten my eyebrows done professionally.

I HATE the sound of cracking bones, especialllly when said cracking bones are finger bones. Ew.

I am running out of interesting things to say.

The end. ;)

Maybe I'll think of two more actually interesting things to say for numbers 19-20, but until then....

Comment below if you decide to write a list of 20 things about yourself on your blog as well. I'd love to read it and get to know y'all better!

xx Jen

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