Friday, November 1, 2013

{life} goodbye October

How is this year flying by so quickly?!!! I can't believe it is already November, which means that I've been living in Spain for 10 months already! Wowza.

October is probably my favorite month of the entire year. I absolutely love seeing the leaves change, feeling the weather cool down, watching football, and starting the holiday season celebrations. Even though I'm far, far away from home, I have still been enjoying most of my favorite fall things (except for pumpkin flavored everythinggggg... so sad). From starting work at my new secondary school, to watching FSU football games at 2:30 AM (number 3 in the nation babyyy), to spending as much time tapas crawling and drinking outdoors as possible during this perfect weather, roasting butternut squash, and dressing up for Halloween, I've been taking advantage of everything this wonderful season has to offer.

Here's a little recap of my October!

Tapas crawling in Malasana & Chueca.

Enjoying the rooftop terraces while they are still open.

Day tripping in San Lorenzo de El Escorial on a beautiful Autumn day.

The gardens of the Monastery.

Weekend necessities: good friends, tapas, cervezas, and prime patio tables.

Sharing tapas with new friends!

Geocaching: treasure hunting around Madrid.

Found a Geocache in our favorite "secret" garden in La Latina!

Beautiful Madrid.

Roomz found a Geocache!

Our favorite food in Spain.

The best season.

So happy we spent a day in Retiro before all the leaves fell!


El Palacio de Cristal right in the middle of Retiro Park!

Wednesday Addams in the house y'all!

Can we take a moment to let that #2 BCS spot sink in please?

Little teaching highlights from my month:
  • Getting to know my new adorable estudiantes. I especially love my Primero ESO classes this year (first years, 12-13 year olds), one of my Segundo ESO classes (second years, 13-14 year olds), and my Ampliacion classes (optional English class focusing on speaking skills with the oldest students, 16-18 year olds).
  • Giving a creative writing assignment to my Ampliacion class for our Halloween themed lesson and watching them work past the bell. And then, reading the completed stories and being blown away!
  • Giving a gap-fill assignment to my Segundos with the lyrics to Monster Mash on them, and listening to the kids sing it together in the hallway after class.
  • Watching my Primeros trying so hard in class, even though their English levels are really low. Feeding off of their excitement during our little "Who Am I" Halloween activity. "Are you a mummy Profe??"

Here's to hoping November will be as wonderful as October! 
PS. GO NOLES, and thank goodness for Jameis Winston.

xx, Jen

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