Monday, May 27, 2013

{travel} sevilla,andalucía, españa

So in the time it has taken me to write this post, I have gone to Sevilla twice. Twice. Oops. 

I went once as a continuation of my trip with my friends Breanne, Helena, and Dani during Semana Santa week! (Check out my posts about Granada & Cordoba). The second time I went, I met my parents during their little side trip from Madrid two weekends ago. Whew. 

Sevilla's biggest pull for me is the INCREDIBLE FOOD. Like. Really now.

This is here is called pisto. It is similar to the French ratatouille. Nom nom nom. 

We were there the first time during Easter Week - so we saw a lot of parades and these elaborate floats.

Plaza de Espana is incredibly beautiful

Alllll around the bottom section of the Plaza are these little bench inlets with intricate tile work dedicated to each major city in Spain. We had to take a picture with our beloved Madrid, of course!

We had a love / hate relationship with Cordoba thanks to the weather.

More nomalicious food. Espinacas con garbanzos, berenjas a la planca, and queso de cabra del horno en salsa. 

Say hello to the very bizarra "Setas." This structure is actually called the Metropol Parasol, but are ...fondly? called the Setas. You can go to the top of the structure for a 360* view of Sevilla.

It only costs about 1.50 euros to go to the top, but once you have experienced the beauty of the view from the Alhambra, it just isn't quite as impressive.

Wandering through the Jewish Quarter

Cathedral and the Giralda Bell Tower in the background!

It was the perfect end to a lovely trip with my girlfrands.

I swear. Blogging more from now on. Must remember every aspect of my life here!

By the way... I'm thinking about teaching English in China next year. Full time globetrotter. Can't be stopped.

xx, Jen

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