Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{travel} london, united kingdom

 Welcome to my return into an English speaking world.

How wonderful it was to order food and drinks with no difficulty (or weird looks.....) ;) This trip was also my introduction back to food that is more similar to American than Spanish. Woooo! Chipotle and chocolate chip cookies anyone!?

We went to stay with one of my best friends from college, and roommate during senior year, Rima! She is living and working in London currently, but will be studying for a Master's degree in the fall. So proud of this rockstar!

Hi Rim! Thanks for taking us to Ben's cookies. :)

I found a quatrefoil in Trafalgar Square. Phi Mu <3 p="">

We got breakfast one morning at a great place called The Breakfast Club in SoHo. 
I definitely recommend it.

I'm drinking a "flat white." It is a cappuccino with more milk than coffee. Quite delish!

Yummy margaritas in a really good Mexican restaurant in SoHo. 

A proper British tea near Trafalgar Square.

Side note: How in the world can scones be so different in America than in Britain? I would like answers! (they are on the second plate down in the above photo.) They were more like... American biscuits? I was really confused. Also. Clotted cream is reaaaallllly different. I suppose we are doing things wrong in the US!

We took a lovely walk around Big Ben.

Later, we ended up at King's Station. Breanne really wanted to take this picture & Rim joined in.

Possibily my favorite part of the entire trip. Borough Market is incredible!

Free samples. Delicious food. Champagne, wine, and beer for sale. Just good ol' fun. I love markets!

We went to this ridiculous sandwich place with a 20 minute line. Totally worth it.

I could really go for another one of these again.

We got really lucky with the weather and were able to enjoy a day beer in Hyde Park on our last day. 

It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip!

Thank you Rimmy!

xx, Jen


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