Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{fashion} red jeans

It's official. I'm jumping on the red jean bandwagon.

Last night I went to the movies with one of my sorority sisters to see Pitch Perfect. All I knew about it was that the hilarious Australian actress from Bridesmaids was in it, & that it was about a group of misfit a capella singers. I did not realize that the main character was going to be Anna Kendrick, or that projectile vomiting was going to be a running joke... I kinda liked the movie, but was really disappointed too.

After watching Pitch Perfect, Shelby & I decided to walk through Marshalls on the other side of the shopping plaza. I spotted these incredibly soft Calvin Klein faded red skinnies within minutes. It was game over once I saw that they were only 29 bucks!

I decided to wear them with a black tank and scarf today, because the temperature in Tampa has (unfortunately) creeped back up into the 80s. The low 70s were nice for a few days.....

The goods:

Red Skinny Jeans: Calvin Klein, found at Marshalls. $29
Black Tank: Target, old
Infinity Scarf: Tallahassee's World Market, $15
Leopard Flats: Target, $15

I wore this to go study and browse at Barnes & Noble, so I kept it pretty simple. I'm excited to wear these with my black loafer heels & a blazer, with chambray or stripes & riding boots, with ankle booties & polka dots, and so many other combos. I think that this color will transition well throughout the seasons with different accessories and shoes.

Here are some inspiration photos -

Jessica Alba with boots & a blazer. {credit}

Nicky Hilton with gorgeous pointy bow heels & a leather jacket.{credit}

LC rocking a spring/summer appropriate look. {credit}

A navy & white top with red jeans is so classic.{credit}

Have you seen Pitch Perfect? What did you think?

PS. These would be juuuust perfect to wear to go vote today. Too bad I already voted early. :) Wore my favorite new scarf then too.

xo, Jen

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  1. I saved my "I voted" stick so that I could wear it today, too!!

    And this Florida weather is killing me! I enjoyed last weeks temps!


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