Saturday, October 6, 2012

{life} get informed

The 2012 presidential election is just one month away. Are you informed? Whether your views are right wing, left wing, or right in the middle, it is important to research just exactly what you are voting on. I will admit that in 2008, as a college freshman, I had noooo idea what most of the issues were or the stances the presidential candidates took on them. I decided this year to change that. I vied to be an informed voter in the beautiful country I call home.

I know that it has certainly been tough wading through the muck that is political journalism. I found a quiz online that I encourage each of you to take that helped open my eyes to the views on both sides. Don't be intimidated if you aren't sure what some of the questions are asking. I utilized Google to help clear some of my own questions up.

Click here to access the quiz.

As my best friend put it yesterday, "That was quite interesting! I need to do a lot of research. It puts in perspective that the average person has no idea what each party/person supports. Or what some of the topics even mean."

It is more important than ever to take an active role in our futures.

Did you miss the first debate? Click here to watch the video and read the script with NY Times' fact checks.

Catch the VP nominee debate on October 11 at 9:00 ET.
The second Presidential nominee debate is on October 16 at 9:00 ET.
The final Presidential nominee debate is on October 22 at 9:00 ET.

Love y'all.


  1. I loved that quiz. I think it really helps people my age who aren't as educated. I also thought the debate was really matter what side you're on. Loved this post, Jen!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It was a really neat quiz to take. It's so important to know the issues and be informed regardless of what side you're on!

  3. Great post! I took a similar quiz a few weeks ago and found it very enlightening. Few things are worse than ignorant voters- quizzes like these are amazing! I wish everyone was required to take one before going to the polls!

  4. Great post! The quizzes and the information that you keep sending me helps so much. GET INFORMED AND MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!


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