Friday, October 5, 2012

{fashion} add dimension

I am an avid cardigan collector. Not just any cardigans. The cardigans I love most come with a little red Target clearance sticker. Target flats may tear my feet up, but their cardigans are incredibly soft and versatile. I've recently been trying to amp up my cardigan outfits. While this is far from "original," it definitely helped to get me out of my plain ol' cardigan and jeans rut. 

PS. Let's talk about these jeans, shall we? They are soooooo incredibly comfortable. I am so proud of myself for finally purchasing a pair of 'boyfriend jeans.' I have little chicken legs, so normally bottoms do not fit very well. Especially not bottoms that are created for the sole purpose of looking baggy. Enter the Loft "Slim Boyfriend" jeans. I'm in love. They still have the relaxed look of the boyfriend fit, but are more tailored for my skinny little legs.

Adding a chunky necklace and belt around my waist helps to pull this outfit away from a typical cardigan ensemble. Can I tell you a sad little secret? I got "dressed up" to go sit in Starbucks and internet stalk apartments in Madrid. I never thought I would miss studying and homework so much. I have zero things to do with my free time besides read my Kindle. Agh. 

The Goods:

Cardigan: Target, similar.
Tank: Target, similar.
Jeans: Loft, $79.95
Flats: Target, $14.99
Belt: Ann Taylor, $34.00
Necklace: Loft, $39.95

Have a great rest of your day!

xo, Jen


  1. Loooove this outfit and your boyfriend jeans!!!! So I am literally dying over Loft's new necklace that they made in collaboration with Guliana Rancic. I. Must. Have. It. I don't want to pay $70 for it though :( Do you think it will be going on sale anytime soon???? (Okay sorry this is probably an impossible question but I am seriously in LOVE WITH IT). Hahah :)

    1. We have one very similar at Ann Taylor. [] I know that ours is the one thing in the store that will not ever go on sale because 60% of proceeds are donated directly to the breast cancer research foundation. I'm not sure if Loft's policy on the breast cancer awareness jewelry is the same, but I'm assuming it is since we are under the same parent company. :)


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