Monday, December 5, 2011

{life} lately

I went to the Florida vs. Florida State game.

I tailgated  at my cousin's old fraternity house in Gainesville.

 I found my big in the stands and sat with her the entire game! I hadn't seen her since May!

I watched almost all of the UF fans leave the stadium during half-time.

I watched my team pull off a win against our rival for the second year in a row.

I heard the Nole warchant and fight song over the UF band in the swamp.

 I finally met Sara and toured the UF Phi Mu house for the first time!

I went hiking with my best girl friends in Phi Mu.

We hiked 4.5 miles with elevations up to 300 feet.

It was perfect.

I also haven't blogged in almost an entire month. :(
I haven't been cooking much. School and work have been a little crazy lately. Trying to get back into the swing of things. My roommates and I are throwing a holiday party on Saturday. I have the menu we are providing picked out already. So excited! Blog post coming soon. :)

I need to catch up on everyone's blogs. Ah.

Love you all.


  1. Love going to rivalry games! So much fun!! Have a blast at your Christmas party this weekend!


  2. Finals have been drivin me nuts!
    Looks like you had fun though =]

  3. LOVE IT :)! And I loved getting to meet you! :) Your hiking pictures look like so much fun! :) <3 <3 LIOB

  4. Aww so many fun things!! And that hike sounds like quite a workout! :) Hope your holiday party is a blast! We had an ugly sweater party last weekend, and it was soo much fun. I love Christmas! :)

  5. looks like such a gr8 time!! gotta LOVE goin to football games! i know i do!!!

  6. Looks so fun! I'm about to do a post on the traveling I did for our rivalry game too :)


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