Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{blog love} the liebster award

I was recently nominated by my sweet sorority sister Jacki for the Liebster Award. 
Fun fact: Jacki was the president of my sorority the first semester of my freshman year in Phi Mu. 

The Liebster Blog Award is for bloggers with 200 or less followers. 

1. Choose five up and coming blogs to give the award to, must have 200 or less followers.

2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. List the blogs you gave the award to with links to their sites. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
5. Share five random facts about yourself.
My tagged blog friends:
1. Ashley from Loving Life & Lilly
2. Lauren from Lights in the Sky
3. Jenna at Leggings Love
4. Katie at His Diamond and Mine
5. Rebecca at Beautie and the Belle

Five random facts about me:
1. I am in a long-distance relationship. In fact, my boyfriend and I have never lived in the same zip code, area code, or even state. We met a million years ago when I was a junior in high school and he was a freshman in college. My childhood friend, Misha, was dating her high school sweetheart still when he moved to Indiana to attend Notre Dame. Misha's boyfriend, Emilio, met his very first friend at ND, a guy who lived down the hall in his dorm, Seth. Seth (my boyfriend) came down to FL to visit his grandparents in December 2006 in a town about an hour south of my hometown. He decided to drive up to Tampa to hang out with Emilio. Apparently, Emilio and Misha were scheming for us to meet because they thought we would really hit it off. Well. They were right. I was smitten with Seth from day one, but we didn't end up dating because of the distance. I had a huge crush on him. Well. We eventually lost touch for a few years. Fast forward to my junior year of college. We started to catch up through FB chat which eventually led to texting. Misha and I went to NYC for the first time together in December 2010. We met up with Seth & hung out with him and his friends for most of our trip. We hit it off again and decided to give it a chance. It is now a year and five months later and we are still smitten with each other. We only get to see each other every couple of months because flights from Chicago to Tallahassee are NOT cheap, but I have hope for a future that does not involve flying on an airplane to hang out. :)

The first night we met - check out that A&F & HCo!
Before the Corey Smith concert last month.

2. I am 1/2 Chinese, a 1/4 Italian, and a 1/4 Scotch-Irish. This makes it very difficult to choose which race I am for government surveys and information. You have no idea how often I have to choose whether I am Asian or White for those things. Can get I a "multiracial" option please?!

My wonderful parents & I at dinner before my college graduation ceremony.

3. I love, love, love working with kids. I found my calling to work in education this year through my job as an after-school care teacher with kindergartners and a psychology internship testing preschoolers. Currently working on getting certification to teach through alternative programs. I am planning on getting a master's in teaching degree within the next few years too!

4. My boyfriend got me a Kindle for my birthday and I am obsessed with it. I am always looking for new books to check out. Any suggestions?!

5. I despise working out but I just got a gym membership. It is time to get this body back to its toned shape again. I will love you forever if you leave good workout songs in a comment. :)

I can't wait to read my tagged friends' posts soon!

Have a great Wednesday!

xo, Jen

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  1. Thanks for the nomination pretty girl! That's too funny your man went to ND, I used to live in South Bend! My whole family is big ND fans!


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