Sunday, April 8, 2012

{life} time is flying this semester

Why hello there everyone! Me again. How is it already April 8th?!

Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions for places to go in New Orleans. I wasn't able to go due to a flare up of an old back injury (sad, sad weekend) but my friends ate at Mother's and were RAVING about it!

So what else has happened in a month? 

I turned 22. I celebrated my one year with my boyfriend. I got my first big girl job rejection letter. I had my final interview with Teach For America (I find out on THURSDAY! eeeek!) Lots of homework. Lots of studying. A little bit of play time. Lots of senior moments. Photoshoot around campus with my best friends. Went to my very last Phi Mu formal. Had my parents come up for my very last Phi Mu parents weekend. Ladies tea & a baseball game.


Here are some pictures of happenings from this month. :)


{parents weekend}

{senior pictures}

{birthday dinner}

{last phi mu social - NASCAR themed}

This month has just been one. big. SENIOR. moment.
I can't believe I graduate in 3 weeks.

I hope that y'all have a great Easter!
I'm really hoping to get more recipes on here soon!
If you are looking for a last minute & easy Easter appetizer, look no further.
I'm making it again today for a potluck with some sisters who stayed in town this weekend!

xo, Jen


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Congratulations on graduating!

  2. i am feeling the SAME way with senior year wrapping up! i love all the "senior" pictures you did, so adorable!

  3. I love lovee your formal dress!! It's beautiful! And the white one as well. So much can happen in a month :)


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