Monday, January 12, 2015

five months gone

How exactly do you start writing blog posts again after completely disappearing for over five months? I had such high hopes for my blog for the fall semester. After all, I still had (have?) a ton of travel post catching up to do - and I was moving to a new (old) city, with new things to explore and do. But then the reality of grad school hit me square in the face. Between all of the hours I spent in kindergarten classrooms (LOVE), assignments that needed to be completed, and the pages of research papers I had to read (not so much on the loving department), I had zero time to sit down and tend to my blog. I couldn't even really sit down to read other blogs! It didn't bother me much for a while, because I was still getting used to the idea of grad school. But then I realized that something was literally missing from my life. Totally dramatic, but if you are reading this post I know you understand me! So here is to 2015. A year to balance work with play. A year to get fit and stay healthy. A year to explore and conquer. Let's hope I can stay #StrongInTheSpring. Until next time, friends. 

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