Sunday, January 27, 2013

{life} almost at the finish line

Helllllo! It's me, here with yet another recap post. I promise I will get more exciting once my course is over!

Speaking of my course, I am more than halfway doneeee. Woooo! I really like everyone who works at my program, but man-oh-man, this course is TOUGH! I taught 4 classes over the last two weeks. I have two more classes to go tomorrow and Tuesday. Then it is exam time, moderation, & sweet, sweet freedom!

I can't wait to actually explore Madrid with all of our new friends in our course.

Here's what life has looked like through my iPod / my camera the last few weeks. A lot of the pictures are super fuzzy because it has been overcast here the last few weeks. I miss the sun!

Ready, set, & begin random post:

Shameless selfie before my first night out since before the course started!

Course friends!

Bre & I went to a vegetarian restaurant with a friend from class last weekend.
It was soooooooo good! We shared croquettes with pumpkin, mushroom, veggie pate, soy sausage and spinach. I ordered the arugula and goat cheese pizza with eggplant and mushrooms. Nommm.

Chunky sweaters and huge scarves have been getting me through the last few weeks.

 Life as a TEFL teacher - lots of tea and constantly going over lesson plans.

You can't see it.... but it is snowing in this picture! I had to capture the moment because it was my very first time seeing snow fall from the sky. weeeeeeee!

Celebration mode with ice cream and vino because I finally received a "very good" grade on a teaching practice!

PLL all day, every day.

Hi, I'm exhausted Jen.

Night out numero dos with course friends!

buckets of 5 beers for 3 euros.... bye bye


Yesterday was the first truly beautiful day in a while. 57 & sunny = terrace door open!

Phonetics on a Saturday night.... so fun.

Bre made delissssssh veggie chili for dinner last night.

That's all for now friends! I'm off to write two lesson plans, finish my group project, and study for my grammar/phonetics exam. One. More. Week.

Ciao! Jen


  1. Love love love your recap posts! I'm so glad you're enjoying your time in Spain! My friend Dani did the same program except in Barcelona and now she's spending time teaching in Thailand!

  2. Looks like you're having fun in Spain. And speaking of veggie chili, I just made vegetarian chili today. It was amazing, that I might dedicate a recipe post for it.

    Oh & I'm glad you're able to watch Pretty Little Liars in Spain. Mona is still a mega b*tchhh, lol.


  3. Loveee seeing these pictures, and I'm glad it's going so well! I'm sure you'll be so happy to have some freedom after exams!!


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