Friday, March 22, 2013

{life} that time I saw Mumford & Sons live

Back in October 2012, I randomly decided to look up Mumford and Sons' concert schedule for 2013. I was just kind of half thinking about the possibility of them playing in Europe, but didn't think they would go to Madrid.  Well. I started to freak out when I saw that they were going to play in Madrid in March. I immediately called my friend I was going to move to Madrid with and was screaming on the phone that we HAVE TO GET TICKETS OMG. 

I clicked through to Spain's Ticketmaster and still thought that I was going to be lucky enough to see them live in my new city. However, the website was completely in Spanish and it took me a while to figure out that the tickets were completellllly sold out. It was heartbreaking. BUT! Last month Mumford moved venues in Madrid to accommodate more people and released more tickets. Best day ever was finding this out and buying our tickets.

Denim, whiskey, & Mumford - what else do you really need?

We convinced some girls we have met through our work program to come with us. They are from the United Kingdom!

It was an INCREDIBLE show - Marcus Mumford sounds exactly the same live as he does on his CDs.

He is perfect.

Here are some videos someone uploaded of our concert in Madrid last night - enjoy!

Babel  - Live in Madrid

Awake My Soul - Live in Madrid

Little Lion Man - Live in Madrid

Have you ever seen Mumford & Sons live?

xx, Jen

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  1. Jen, I miss talking to you all the time!! I'm so jeals that you saw Mumford! Hope all is well in Spain :)


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