Thursday, December 6, 2012

{travel} dreaming of madrid

You guys.

I have less than a month until I hop on a jet plane to Spain until December 2013.


I have never lived in a city larger than Tampa, FL... and now I'm moving here:

I am getting this super crazy feeling of being EXTREMELY EXCITED, but incredibly anxious at the same time. I know that everything will be more than fine. My friend and I are going to fall in love with the city & travel our hearts out.

New language. New city. New year.

Things I'm nervous about:
  • Lack of peanut butter. Baha. This is such a minor thing... but such a huge part of my diet. Accepting orders shipped to me over there now. :)
  • I've been told by multiple people not to expect too many veggies in my diet over there. But.... I LOVE VEGGIES.
  • (can we please point out that these are all food related so far? I am such a diva.)
  • Packing for 4 seasons in two suitcases. Wah. Wah. Wah.
  • Limited contact with family, friends, and boyfriend. I'll be 6-7 hours ahead of them! Crazy.
  • This whole apartment search. We just want a nicely furnished, two bedroom, one bath in a nice part of town. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?! (once again, diva status.) ;)
  • That whole... foreign language thing.

Things I'm incredibly excited for:
  • Exploring the culture. Flamenco. Jamon. Tapas. Espanol. Museums. Markets. Bring. It. On.
  • TRAVELING EVERYWHERE. I obviously want to go to surrounding cultures, but my main priority is to get to know Spain the best I can. 
  • [hopefully] having the opportunity to teach Spanish kids at an academy. 
  • The Metro. I am so tired of driving at this point in my life. People are craaaaazy.
  • Learning Spanish. [please oh, please let me be fluent when I come back].
  • Meeting people from around the world.
  • The plans I have already started to make to see my college roomie Rima [who is living in London now], in London, Madrid, & umm.... Belgium?! Hello Tomorrowland 2013!
  • so. much. more.

And since I've been a bad blogger... here are some pictures from recently.

Matching shoes with my cousin!

Phi Mu love with my Aunt!

Thanksgiving with these cutie pies.

Thanksgiving break tradition with my high school girrrrrrrls.

Work Christmas party. Dressed almost identically to Hanna. Oops!

Have any of you studied/lived abroad before? Any tips?

xox, Jen


  1. I studied abroad/lived with a host family in Madrid summer 2010 and it was amazing. For the metro, buy a monthly pass (they have a young person one you can look into) it's so worth it.

    I lived in the La Latina neighborhood, it was amazing (still in the city, walk to the center, next to transportation but still neighborhood feeling). My friends lived in Puerta de Toledo, also very nice.

    1. These are great tips! Thank youuuu. We are looking into the La Latina / Malasana / Sol barrios. Definitely want to be in the center of everything!

  2. Ahhh Jen! I am SOOO excited for you! Gosh, I've heard nothing but amazing things about Madrid, and those pictures are all stunning.

    How long with you be living there?

  3. what a great post. I'm so excited for you, I can feel your anxiety. I've been to Spain - Madrid, Seville, Barcelona.. and I have some GREAT suggestions for you. My favorite out of the 3 was Barcelona. In Madrid though, there is one bakery you must try, La Mallorquina - it is near Puerta del Sol and has the most amazing cafe con leche. I don't eat ham, so that was an issue, but you should be fine. Check out ->

    1. Thanks for linking! I will definitely check out all of your suggestions. :)

    2. i am soo excited for you! you will have the adventure of a lifetime. Also, you're so not a food diva! while studying/traveling abroad the thing i missed most about the US (besides family) were turkey & a good cheeseburger :)

      the only city i've been to in spain is barcelona, and it was one of my favorite cities i've ever visited- in love with all the Antonio Gaudi architecture!

      i'm giving my boyfriend a europe themed gift for christmas because we've been talking about taking a trip this summer and i'm totally game! if we make it to Spain i will give you a ring!!

    3. YES! Please do! It would be so fun... bloggers wandering around European cities together!? Definitely needs to happen.

  4. Ahhh have so much fun. I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spaniards are so nice! and you can definitely get your veggies still. I have also lived abroad in Australia for the past 3 years. Tip I have learned from being away from the US- when you're having a bad and homesick day (which happens) don't start obsessing about all the American things you miss which is so easy to do! Instead, focus on what is so awesome about where you currently are. For me, if I still have issues finding good things I just go to somewhere that is unique to where I am and soak in the surroundings to remind myself how lucky I am. Have so much fun!

    1. Thank you so much for this advice! On a day where I am dreading goodbyes and wondering if this is all really happening, I definitely needed it.


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