Thursday, May 26, 2011

{fashion} Summer Essentials

Sara from Pearls, Curls, and a Southern Girl is guest posting today! 
Make sure to check out her blog - she is one of my favorites. 

Hey y’all!
I am SO excited to be doing this “blog swap” with Jen today! Since we both write totally different blogs, we decided it would be a fun change of pace to swap! My post today is going to be SUMMER ESSENTIALS! I've written about “Sara’s Essentials” before but I hadn't gotten to doing summer yet so here it is!

1.       Croakies- Who wants to lose their favorite pair of sunnies at the beach? NOT me! Croakies are not only functional, but also fashionable! The ones pictured are Vineyard Vines but I am also a fan of Southern Proper, Southern Tide, and TUGS!
2.      Sunglasses- While I favor Ray-Ban aviators, make sure to find a perfect pair of sunnies! The sun is blaring and let’s face it, squinting is not a good look on anyone! I’ve been able to find the best pairs at Sunglass Hut and also Target for a cheaper pair.
3.      Beach Towel- No one wants to take just a boring towel to the beach or pool! I love Vera Bradley beach towels because they are super soft AND also keep their color and softness. Target also has cute beach towels.
4.      Koozie- These are an absolute must! You need to keep your hand dry and drink cold! This one is Lilly Pulitzer!
5.      Beach Tote- It can be hard to find a functional beach tote that is big enough for all of your stuff AND also fully lined but have no fear, trusty Vera Bradley did all the work! This “On A Clear Day” tote is perfect!
6.      Clinique Dramatically Different- This moisturizer is perfect for taking care of your skin if you get a little burnt!
7.      Cooler- If you’re going to the lake, beach, or a cookout, a cooler is an absolute must. If you’re artistic, go ahead and paint one! You’ll get tons of compliments and get to show off one of your talents!
8.     Hipster bag- These are my absolute favorite bags for summer. It’s already super hot outside so do you really want to fuss with having to hold or have a purse on your shoulder? Nope. My favorite hipsters are from Vera Bradley, Coach, and Kavu.
9.      Nail Polish- I LOVE Essie nail polish, especially these two shades! Painting your nails a fun color will add in instant summer look to any outfit.

1.      Summer “party dress”- Every girl needs a fun, summer party dress! I’d aim towards one that is either one shouldered or strapless, in a thinner material!
2.     Simple sundress- This is also a big must-have! During the summer it is so much easier to throw on a dress than a full outfit so definitely keep a few simple, cotton dresses in your closet!
3.     White V-Neck tee- I love white v-necks because they go PERFECTLY with nike shorts, jeans, and also chino shorts! They’re super light-weight and make you look tanner!
4.     Wedges- If I wear heels during the summer, they will ALWAYS be wedges! You can find them in the cutest colors/patterns. I love these Steve Madden ones because they have a super cute bow!
5.     Rainbow Flip Flops- Do these even need an explanation?! Rainbows are the perfect flip flop for summer because they go with anything and everything!
6.      Nike Tempo Shorts- Not only do these come in the coolest colors and patterns, they are also made of a dri-fit material that wick away moisture! Pair these with a white v-neck and rainbows to make a casual summer outfit!
7.     Chino shorts- Old Navy and J.Crew make the best shorts ever! They both offer various inseam lengths and colors. Chino shorts look great with regular tshirts, polos, and tank tops!

I hope y’all enjoyed this post about Summer Essentials! Be sure to check out Jen’s post on my blog, Pearls Curls and A Southern Girl!



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